Blackjack Rules – How To Play Blackjack?

If you’re just starting out in the exciting world of online casino games, or even if you’re a veteran, blackjack could be the game for you. It’s simple and it has one of the highest returns; in fact, the casino holds just a 0.5% advantage by some mathematician’s reckoning.

Even though blackjack looks simple, though, there are some rules that can help you win more the next time you hit the best casino online. Here are just a few ways to boost your winnings.

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1. Blackjack Strategy – Don’t split pairs beyond 9s

It’s tempting to split a pair of 10s, or face cards, but it isn’t smart. What you have in your hand is a score of 20, which the dealer can only beat with a perfect 21, so stick with what you have and prepare to collect your winnings. Don’t get greedy.

A pair of 9s will give you 18, which is a solid hand. It isn’t spectacular, but in blackjack you are not necessarily playing the dealer. The dealer has to beat everybody at the table, not just you, so sometimes playing conservative is the way forward and you can benefit from other people’s hard work.

Never split 5s either, the chances of two bad hands outweigh the odds of one good one. Double down, take one card and bet on it coming out a 10.

2. How to win BlackJack – Always split 8s

If you have two 8s, on the other hand, always split them. Two 8s give 16, which is often considered to be the worst possible hand. Split them, gamble on getting two 18s and bet the same on each hand, so if one hand turns into a dud and the other wins, at least they cancel each other out.

3. Mobile Blackjack Tips How To Play 21 – Always stop at a hard 17

If you end up on 17, it’s not the best place to be but you simply have to stop. The odds of hitting a 4 are so slim that it’s not worth taking the risk. If you have a soft 17, though, and the dealer is holding a strong first card, it’s worth taking the risk as a 10 will take your score to 18 and make it that much harder for the dealer.