What types of slot machines will you find online?

Though they may be one of the most straightforward of all casino games, there is quite a bit to learn about slot machines. This guide breaks down the chief differences between the various online slots games, and how they should affect your strategy.

All Free Theme Slot and Paid Slot Cost

The first thing most players will look out for when they browse microgaming slots is the cost. Websites generally offer machines priced at everything from 1p to £25 per spin. While you might be tempted to immediately jump in to the high stakes games, keep in mind you can easily spin 100 times or more in ten minutes.

If you are new to the game, look out for sites offering microgaming slots for free. This is a good way to learn how to pace yourself and strategise for when you do put your money down.

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The next thing to check is the number of reels on your online slots machine. Though the majority of games still use the traditional three reel system, an increasing number now sport five and, in some cases, seven reels. Games with larger numbers of reels will generally offer bigger jackpots but they will also be harder to win and require a bit more strategy to play. They will usually present the player with a pretty complicated array of pay lines, plus the obligatory slew of bonus games and options – some more lucrative than others. For beginners, therefore, three reelers are usually recommended.

New Slots Sites in UK, Types of jackpots

When it comes to jackpots, microgaming slots can be divided into flat tops and progressive models. Flat tops offer a fixed jackpot every time you play. Progressive machines offer a jackpot that enlarges with every game until it pays out. While a flat top will not offer quite as large a potential pay-out, it will deliver the goods a lot more regularly than a progressive machine. On the other hand, while a progressive may be harder to win, the jackpot can occasionally reach eye-wateringly high sums.

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