Winning Roulette Strategies – Free Tips to Win Online Roulette

Roulette might look like one of the simplest games in the casino; you just spin the wheel and throw in the ball after all. However, there are a whole host of betting variations that add layer upon layer of complexity to this most basic concept.

If you want to win on the roulette table, then it pays to have a working knowledge of the betting system and the strategies.

How to Win Roulette? Strategy and Best Roulette Systems

Of course, you can stick to betting on red or black. You probably won’t lose much, but it’s not a way to win big – statistically you’ll win just about half of the time, in fact slightly less if the green 0 comes into play, or the 00 slot under American rules.

With European rules, the basic payoffs are as follows:

Bet Example Probability

Any number 12 2.7%

2 number combo 15-16 5.4%
3 number combo 13-14-15 8.1%
4 number combo 4-5-7-8 10.8%
6 number combo 25-30 16.2%

Column 1,4,7…28,31,34 32.4%
Dozen 1-12 32.4%
Even or odds 2,4,6…32,34,36 48.6%
1-18 or 19-36 1-18 48.6%
Red or black Red 48.6%

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Roulette Tips and Tricks

Beyond the basic numbers, you have to consider your strategy, with the basic ones including the Martingale system. Here you double the bet after every loss, but it’s one of the riskiest strategies in roulette and experienced players don’t like it.

The Paroli system sits on the other side of this equation and players using this system double their bet after every win, which gives the false assurance that they’re playing with the house’s money and not risking their own.

Steep progression is often considered the only way to cover previous losses in roulette, and many experienced gamblers opt for this approach. Others stick to a flat betting structure, called the Masse egale roulette system, and do not hike the bet at any point. This system works best for inside bets, but it’s a very conservative betting system that will not technically work well with high probability bets like red and black.

As you can see, roulette is way more complicated than simply throwing a ball into the wheel, so before you venture on to the tables at the best casino online, brush up on the rules and the strategies of the game.