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There is a natural excitement that is apart of playing slots. Slots represent the ultimate game of chance, so players are thrilled at the opportunity of playing and hopefully beating the odds. As such, there is a definite interest among players about these odds work. Bonus Feature Slots assist players with this question. Bonus Feature Slots is a website that is devoted to providing comprehensive information about slots. Included in this offering is useful information regarding payout percentages. Informed players can then make informed choices regarding their game play.

Bonus Feature Slots accurately states that payout percentage is the most misunderstood aspect of gaming in general, but certainly with slots. Many players, for example, believe that games are fixed to give the gaming venue an unfair edge. This is not the case at all. In fact, most states regulate the payout percentage for gambling establishments that offer slots or other games of chance. In other words, states will mandate that gambling machines payout a minimum percentage – say 75% for example.

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Bonus Feature Slots explains what this means. Most players incorrectly assume that a stated payout percentage means that this number applies to each individual player. Bonus Feature Slots explains, however, that this figure actually is applied over a certain period of time. So, let’s say that a gaming venue has a payout percentage of 95%. What this means is the over the payout period, the gaming venue will make 5% off their games, while paying out the remaining 95%. Games can be set to specific payout percentages.

As for the individual player, however, the game is still random in nature, as the payout percentage is calculated and applied to the overall number of times a game is played by everyone within the payout time period. Unless one player exclusively plays the game each and every time, the individual will not necessarily realize the listed payout percentage personally.

Bonus Feature Slots also reviews a comparison of online vs. live action slots payout percentages. It is interesting to note that online slots generally have a higher on average payout than its live action counterparts. Online slots have an average payout of about 95%, while live action slots games average about a 90% payout rate. In terms of the odds, it is clearly more advantageous to play online slots. One note of interest to players is that all of the online venues listed by Bonus Feature Slots have a payout percentage above 95%.

The primary reason that online venues (Click here for more info: have a higher payout rate than live action ones is due to lower overhead costs. Online venues do not have to pay to maintain a physical location or individual games centers, nor the personnel to do all of this. All of the costs that live action venues incur are of course passed on to the players, resulting in lower payout rates.

Bonus Feature Slots successfully provides players with the information they need to maximize their slotting pursuits. For those players who may not understand what is involved in payout percentages, Bonus Feature Slots provides clarity. Bonus Feature Slots makes every effort to make slotting as enjoyable and entertaining as possible.