The world’s biggest online casino winners

Gambling online can be incredibly lucrative. In fact, that’s one of the main reasons for its popularity – along with its ability to deliver fun and excitement, as well as its tantalising strategic elements. However, few people realise just how massive online casino wins can be. Since the advent of online gambling, a surprising number of people have become instant millionaires. We’ve compiled a list of some of the biggest super-winners who earned millions by gambling online!

3. Georgios M.

In 2009, a gentleman named as ‘Georgios M’ won big on a Microgaming software game called ‘Mega Moolah’. His windfall wasn’t quite as the number one slot on this list, but was still significant; he walked away from the online gambling table with €6,300,000 (which is approximately £4,459,700).

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2. John Orchard

 Our second big winner is a UK native! In December 2012, John Orchard played the ‘Dark Knight’ online video slot and won over £5,000,000. To be precise, he won £5,800,000! Mr. Orchard had formally worked at the Job Centre, where he was responsible for helping people find work. A little ironically, he’ll never have to work again after such a huge win!

1. Peter

 In 2013, an online gambler in Finland won a staggering €17,861,813 (or £15,143,600) while playing game called ‘Mega Fortune’. It seems that if you want to win massive amounts of money by gambling online, it’s advisable to pick a game with the word ‘mega’ in the title! ‘Mega Fortune’ is by operated by Net Entertainment and offers a generous jackpot. Peter won their largest jackpot with a minuscule bet of just €0.25. Many online gamblers would probably like to track Peter down and ask him for his secret. Sadly, however, this would be rather difficult because Peter’s full name has never been revealed to the public. Perhaps he wants to enjoy his winnings in peace!

Only a handful of people are lucky enough to win millions of pounds with a single bet. Nonetheless, the examples on our list go to show just how profitable a spot of online gambling can be. However, just remember that gambling responsibly is more important than chasing massive payouts!